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CECo is aimed at building capacity in the research community in supportive and palliative care. That capacity includes the mechanism to enable patients and carers to be significant participants in research. We refer to them as Research Partners.

A number of roles can be fulfilled by Research Partners:

  • Advise on the strategic growth and direction of a research unit
  • Explore thematic areas with researchers bringing both experience and insight from personal experience
  • Help develop protocols, review them and contribute to the research project once funded
  • Initiate research ideas from their own unique perspective and develop them into research projects
  • Work as co-researchers on a project, conducting interviews, analysing data etc

Lancaster's Research Partner Forum MembersCECo is committed to engaging Research Partners in its work, to giving them a clear voice and the opportunities to develop and expand their role according to individual needs and ambitions.

In the first instance we are looking for people who can build a relationship with each of CECo’s five academic centres. These are in Southampton, Lancaster, Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Each centre has a team of researchers working on various projects already. Clicking each of the links above will take you to the relevant centre.

Through CECo they are now working together to develop new projects, while at the same time creating links to other researchers and bringing on new researchers too. Working with a centre will give opportunities for formative involvement as projects are first worked up. As CECo is focussing on three themes for new research projects, it will give the opportunity to work with Theme Lead researchers. There is some value in being within easy travelling distance of a centre.

You can access further information on each of the themes by clicking the following links:

Innovative approaches to complex symptoms
Research methodology
Older Adults and Supportive and Palliative Care: Planning, Priorities, Processes and Places

Second is involvement with individual project researchers and their projects. This is something that can easily be done from a distance. It is an important influence which, as new researchers come on board, will be a formative part of their early professional experience. Neither opportunity is exclusive.

CECo events centred around the three themes will all have places for Research Partners, though venue constraints will necessarily mean that not everyone who might like to attend will be able to do so. The idea of the meetings is that the 'state of the science' can be shared and ideas for new research protocols and projects can be worked on together.

You will find links to CECo events throughout this website.

We also aim to hold an annual meeting to which all involved Research Partners and those wishing to get involved will be invited. CECo researchers and associates will also attend, providing people with the opportunity to network and develop new contacts.

If you wish to know more, or to register interest in joining CECo as a Research Partner please contact Roger Wilson at

Our Research Partner Guidance document for CECo researchers, in PDF format, can be downloaded here.

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